10 websites for cheap travel

One of the main reasons people don’t take time to actually go somewhere on their vacation is almost always their money situation. people think it costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars to take a nice vacation or go explore a new place. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact its really not expensive. You just need to know where to look. Here is a list of 10 travel websites you wish you’d known about earlier!


  1. Airbnb.com

Airbnb is an alternative to a hotel. With half the price and more the experience, you’ll find hosts all over the world. Type in where you want to stay and up will pop a list of local places with prices and reviews from people who have stayed with this host before. There’s filters so you can decide if you want the entire place to yourself or if you don’t mind just renting this hosts spare room for a few nights.

2. Hostels.com

Hostels.com is more for the younger crowd and not so much families. Staying in a hostel, you’re usually renting out a single bed in a dorm shared with probably 10 other people. This is a great way to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. Its cheap too!

3. Couchsurfing.com

Couchsurfing, is for the more daring. Some say it can be dangerous and sketchy but if you actually get on the website you’ll find that its a great community of travelers just looking for a place to lay their heads for a night or two and meet some locals. Oh and this one is free!


4. Megabus.com

Instead of putting the miles on your car or spending tons of money on planes tickets, the Megabus is a super cheap alternative. I once took a trip from Florida to New Orleans for only 4.25 round trip! I paid a dollar each way, no bullshit!


5. freecampsites.net

I’ve been using this one regularly since i’ve been on the road. This one comes in handy when you’re on a long drive and need a place to crash for the night without the expenses of a hotel. Type in where you are and it pulls up a list of free campsites near you. A lot of them are free or dirt cheap. (12 bucks or less)


6. skyscanner.com

I’ve yet to master the art of finding cheap airplanes tickets but I did find skyscanner! A site that scans every single website for the cheapest flight out there. This saves you the trouble of going through every travel site like Expedia, Hotwire, Trivago, Orbitz, Kayak and another site out there that advertises cheap travel.


7. WWOOF.com

World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming. This one is a little different and you have to be open minded. This is a website of hosts all over the world who live on farms. They give you a place to stay and feed you in return for a few hours a day of help on their farms. Some only require as little as 2 weeks commitment and some can require up to 2 months commitment.


8. Workaway.info

Workaway is my personal favorite. Almost like WOOFing but not just subject to farming. This website consists of hosts seeking volunteers for farm work, renovating houses, working in hotels, babysitting, and a ton more. Same concept though. They give you a place to sleep and feed you in return for a few hours of your day. This is a great way to meet the locals and see how the locals really live. Its like going behind the scenes of all the touristy crap. The difference between Workaway and WOOF is that with WOOF, you have to subscribe to one single country where with Workaway you just subscribe to the whole website itself and choose from ANY country in the entire world!


9. Roadtrippers.com

Roadtrippers is what I’ve used to plan every single road trip I’ve ever taken and its what I’ve been using since being on the road. This site lets you map out an entire road trip, with estimated travel times to each destination, attractions and lodging along the way! Freaking love it!


10. Hotels.com

On the occasion I do get a hotel, I always go through hotels.com never anything else. There’s filters so you can find a hotel right where you want it and within your budget. The best part of Hotels.com is that for every 10 nights you purchase you get a free night.


Happy travels!


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