Pismo Beach: California’s Hidden Gem

After realizing that L.A. was just too busy a city for a girl living out of her van, I made the quick decision to head north. Just two hours up the coast of Highway 1, otherwise known as The Pacific Coast Highway, I found myself staring off into the foggy horizon of Pismo Beach. Located in a town so small it covers just two miles of the coast is Grover, California. Where the shoreline meets the mountains and the beach is rich with sand dollars, Pismo Beach, has been one of my best finds thus far.

For just five bucks a day (6 am-11 pm) you can park your car as close to the tide you desire. Pismo is a beach where the surf is always up and the pups can run free, where there is BBQ’s by day and bonfires all around by night, its the perfect spot for a family vacation or a quick relaxing getaway.

Just fifteen minutes north you’ll find the city of San Luis Obispo, with a back drop of tall mountains you’ll find plenty of hiking trails. While Inside the city you’ll find tons of accommodation, restaurants, coffee shops, nightlife and shopping.

Pismo beach and San Luis Obispo is such a better alternative to the hustle and bustle of the overrated and expensive L.A. Drive the extra miles to Pismo Beach and you wont be disappointed. An oasis for families and a hang out for college kids all in the same spot!

One thought on “Pismo Beach: California’s Hidden Gem

  1. Casey, I am so happy for you and Sebastian ,and for your adventures.
    I am excited and love your words ,they express so well your journey and the crowd is fabulous.. prayers for safe journey.

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