Route 66: The Real American Road Trip

Route 66, the famous stretch of pavement that runs through Chicago, Illinois all the way to Santa Monica, California. Also known as the mother road and Americas beating heart. So old it was established back in 1926 covering over 2400 miles of road.

Over time as bigger highways were put into play the mother road was bypassed and sadly, it was officially taken off the interstate highway system in 1985 and to this day you cannot even find it on the maps anymore.

It’s sad to know the road itself has been forgotten. Something that was once such a stepping stone for  America. Not only was it the passage way to the west but it was a place for the people of the depression to begin again. The old road is still thriving with its culture and the people who still call the towns it runs through home, are still fighting to keep that culture alive.

The 66 has much been broken up now, however, it is still drive-able and considered one of Americas greatest road trips. Although, it is more of a scavenger hunt now, it can still be done.

There are many historic 66 icons along the way, here are a few that I saw on my journey to the west!

1. Cadillac Ranch. Located in Amarillo, Texas. This was number one on my list of icons to find along the 66 and I’m so glad I did. A bunch of old cars lined up in a row in the middle of nowhere. People come from all over the world just to spray paint their own art on them. Little tip: don’t bother bringing your own spray paint, people leave full bottles of paint laying around so save your money!


2. The Blue Whale. This Icon is impossible to miss. Located in Catoosa, Oklahoma. It served as a water park for the locals back in the 70s!



3. The Blue Swallow Motel. Located in Tucumcari, New Mexico this old motel was a popular pit stop for people on their way to the west. To this day you can still rent out a room and relive the old culture of the 66


4. Wigwam Motel. Located in Holbrook, Arizona these historic motel rooms are in the shape of tipis!

5. Snow Cap Drive In. In Segliman, Arizona this historic 66 eatery is located along the longest strip of pavement of whats left of the the 66.

6. The Milk Bottle Grocery. What used to be an easy find for people coming and going from the 66, it is now not so easy. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma the milk bottle grocery is now lost in between all the shops and restaurants that have been built up over the years. Still though, it is a historic landmark for the 66 now.



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