On The Road: Month 1

It’s been one month now since I’ve packed my bags and hit the road. Searching for everything beautiful this world is offering. Leaving behind the security of my childhood bedroom where I once sat and only dreamed of days like these. I’ve left behind the security of my job, one that even when taken for granted was always there with it’s doors wide open.  Most importantly though, I’ve left behind too many people who have shown me the true meaning of “home”.  I hold every one of these so close to my heart but I guess part of growing up is learning to move on.

With that being said I have also left behind all comfort zones, all those that I have never stepped out of. I have dusted all fears under the rug and I have left all hurt from the year prior on the inside of those county lines.

In just one month alone I have covered over 4500 miles of country. From Florida to Maine and all the way west to California. While in between I drove all the way to Des Moines, Iowa just to try a Chinese pizza. I tested my fate on some of the tallest coasters in North America at Cedar Point in Ohio. I searched for the forever famous route 66 and indulged in some old American culture and eventually made my way to California where I picked sand dollars right out of the Pacific ocean.

Although, most of my days I wake up and still have to remind myself that I’m not actually dreaming anymore, some days are not always sunny. There are days where I have no idea where I’m parking my van for the night and I’m forced to keep driving even though I’m so incredibly tired.  I’ve blown a tire in the middle of nowhere where there is not even a gas station for miles and miles. I suffered severe migraines for a week straight and I have had the most vivid dreams imaginable every night almost all of them involving someone from home.

I have a made a drastic lifestyle change in the just the last month alone and I’m still adjusting to my new life on the road but the days where I wake up and I pull the curtains to side and my back yard is full of shorelines and mountains, that makes the few bad days I have so much more worth it. I suppose this is what they call freedom. This is what is feels like to truly be free.

One thought on “On The Road: Month 1

  1. Casey ,I love what you are doing and where you are .It is amazing that your on the a journey few can and will ever travel.I am very happy you are with my grandson and I hope he is protecting you as you find your way along life’s many in expected sometimes scary surprising adventures .
    I will always keep you in my prayers and in my thoughts often. Please stay in touch
    Loving your writings
    May God’s secure hand guide you and firm grip keep you close. Hugs. Nana.😉

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