San Luis Obispo, California

Not sure where I was headed while I traveled up the California coast, I received an email with an opportunity that I just couldn’t refuse. That email brought me here, to San Luis Obispo, a city that I practically stumbled into. Little did I know San Luis Obispo or “SLO”, as the locals call it, is a vibrant little college town that the Cal Poly, Mustangs call home. A little grid sheet like city located smack dab between L.A. and San Francisco is surrounded by tons of hiking trails and stunning beaches.

SLO is a clean and quiet  community  but it is one like no other. They wear their team colors proud and giving back to the community and helping the homeless is frequent here. Slo is a community that gathers every Thursday night to share what they bring to the table and to show their love for the very place they call home.

Here are a few things that make San Luis Obispo, “SLO”.

Hostel Obispo.  The best accommodation in town. Hostel Obispo is super centrally located, only a 10 minute walk to town and offers an environment that makes it feel like home. Perfect for families and solo travelers.

Terrace Hill.  Just a five minute walk to the trail head from Hostel Obispo and only a 10 minute hike to the top. Its a little steep but the view from atop makes it worth it.

Higuera Street. Located downtown, Higuera street is the heart of San Luis Obispo with tons of restaurants, bars, and shopping.

The Thursday Night Farmers Market. Every Thursday night from 6 to 9 the community comes together and crowds four blocks full of San Luis Obispos finest. This isn’t your average farmers market like the one you pick your produce up from every week but its rather a block party. Full of food, music and people.

Bubble Gum Alley. Just an alley in the middle of Higeura street. Full of chewed gum.

Morro Bay. Morro Bay is located right on the coast and only a 15 minute public transit ride from SLO. Tons of resturaunts, shopping, and beach going. You can even see the Otters and Sea lions from the shore.

Pismo Beach. Pismo is a 20 minute public transit ride just south of San Luis Obispo. 5 bucks a day you can park your car on the beach pull out the BBQ and and set up the bonfire.




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