Tips for First Time Cruisers


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A cruise vacation is one of the best options for family getaways. Its affordable, convenient and there is endless entertainment! However, if you’re a first time cruiser, there are somethings  you’ll wish you know before hand. So I put together a list of things to think about before embarking on your adventure!

1. Do your online check- in  a few days before cruising, don’t wait until you get to the port to do it because it takes almost an hour for them to set it up for you.

2. Get there early. Your online check-in will give you a specific boarding time, probably depending on which deck your state room is located. However, if you get there really early, they’ll most likely just let you board when they open the doors. Get the most out of your first day!

3. First and foremost, call the bank before you leave and let them know. Trust me, you don’t want to be on a tropical island trying to buy a coconut full of rum and come to find out your bank shut you off for suspicious activity! It has happened and it will happen!

4. Turn your phone on airplane mode. Your phone is perfectly capable of making phone calls while in the middle of the ocean but your phone bill is going to be huge and I mean HUGE! You’re on vacation anyway, the only thing you should be using your phone for is pictures!

5. You get three dining options; your time, 6 pm, or 8 pm. I ALWAYS choose your time, this way I don’t have to schedule my evening around dinner every night. I just go whenever i’m ready or between the times of 5:45 and 8:45. Unless you have a big party and would like to sit together every night, you will have to select a specific time.

6. Book your shore excursions prior to your cruise. By the time you get on your cruise and make it to the shore excursion desk, almost all the good excursions are sold out. You can probably book them with the locals on the island for the cheap but chances are its not gonna be as good an excursion as what you would have booked prior to cruising.

7. Pay all your gratuities prior to cruising as well. This way you don’t have to worry about tracking down your room stewardess, his assistant, and your server on the last day of your cruise. Everything will be paid for and you can relax!

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