New Orelans Food List


Known for its multicultural experience, New Orleans, is also known for its wide variety of foods. During my trip, I made it a priority to try all of it! So i’m putting together a list to add to your New Orleans bucket list!

To start, try the Beignets! With all their warm, fluffy, deliciousness, these pastries are best consumed straight out of the fryer and with coffee of course! Perfect for an early morning breakfast or a 2 am treat! Cafe Du Monde is the best place to find these and they’re open 24/7!


Try a Po’ Boy, also known as a “submarine sandwich” is served on a baguette-like New Orleans, french bread. Try a traditional one or get anything you like on it! I tried the shrimp Po’ Boy from Johnny Whites Bar & Grille and it was amazing!


Creole. Creole. Creole. Its a style of cooking originated in Louisiana, which blends all different cultures and cuisines together. You can get it anywhere in New Orleans with probably just about anything. I tired creole sauce on an omelette at Pere Antoine’s. The omelette was so good and the service was even better! My server brought me extra strong coffee from the back specifically made for the staff and not the customers. She even gave me advice on the best places to go to complete my food list! Seriously though, try Creole!

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Then, there’s Gumbo. Probably on the menu of every restaurant in New Orleans, and all different kinds! Also, originated in Louisiana,  Gumbo is like stew but thicker and thrown together with spices and rice and usually some type meat. Yummmay!


So, I go to a restaurant call Bourbon House Seafood & Oyster Bar. I order the Oyster tray that comes with crackers and horse radish. (Oysters are big in ‘Nawlins’ definitely try them!) The first oyster I tried plain, no cracker no horse radish. It was good, kinda slimy, but good! So I try another one but this time I put a it on a cracker and add some horse radish. Ultimately, worst decision I have ever made! (Apparently, I had never tried horse radish before.) Immediately there’s a burning sensation in my nose and it goes to my head! I’m convinced i’m dying here in the middle of this restaurant, in New Orleans, SOLO! Needless to say, I’ll take my oysters plain, even with all their sliminess!


Try the Hurricane! This fruity (and strong) alcoholic beverage is New Orleans, signature drink. The best ones are made at Pat O’Brien’s Tavern, created by Pat O’Brien, himself!



Last but not least, try the Cajun Jambalaya, also a creole dish with a little bit of spice to it with sausage and seafood, or  other different meats. It was my favorite dish of the whole trip, found in several different restaurants around New Orleans.




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