New Orleans Bucket List

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a city like no other. Founded in 1718, New Orleans, thrives on its European culture. This city is known for its music, its festivals,  its food, and the multicultural experience you get when you visit. With this last trip to New Orleans, (making it my third go around both solo and with a great group of people) its safe to say this city will hold a piece of my heart, forever. The Big Easy, was never easy to say goodbye to.


Here’s a New Orleans bucket list to take on if you plan on making a visit!


1. Don’t drive, take the streetcars. They’re the oldest running streetcars in America and they can take you to just about any corner in the city.

IMG_0337 (1)



2. Party on Bourbon Street. Oh, this famous strip, its so full of life!


( photo cred: @Jtreanor91)


3. Mardi Gras! This is a must! French for ‘Fat Tuesday’, its the celebration before lent. People come form all over the world to catch beads and watch parades. They’re not lying when they say its the biggest party on Earth.


4. Try the food and try all of it! You can find my New Orleans food list here!



5. Watch the street performers. Especially the Jazz bands, after all, New Orleans, is the birthplace of Jazz.



6. Wander outside of Bourbon and Canal Street. There is so much more to the city.



7. Drink a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens. Created by Pat O’Brien himself.







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